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    Commercial Roofing Services

    Commercial Roofing Services for Your Flat Roof

    Are you looking for the best commercial roofing services in Minneapolis – St. Paul area? You’ll experience the comfort, quality and communication that you deserve working with Stinson Services. Our commitment to first class service will have you saying “Wow” when the project is complete.

    You deserve the top value and to squeeze every year out of your commercial roofing system possible. We truly understand the pain of replacing a full flat roofing system, but we can help remedy that with our maintenance and report program.

    Our team offers a wide variety of maintenance and service plans for flat roofing systems.

    1. Basic Evaluation Package Free (Valued at $95)Receive a free visual roof inspection and a general roof report to gain knowledge on commercial buildings roof. A basic inspection is a perfect way to determine what shape your flat roofing system is in and if any storm damage is present.

    2. Plus Evaluation Package $295 per year – The Plus evaluation flat roof inspection takes a deeper dive into your commercial roof. You’ll receive a core sample analysis, aerial imagery, HVAC layout plan, detailed roof layout plan, drain and debris removal, recommended maintenance plan with digital documentation, interior visual inspection with report.

    3. Premium Evaluation Package $795 per year – The Premium Plan includes all inspections and reports from the basic and plus plans with the addition of cleaning gutters and downspouts, moss removal and treatment, seal all roof penetrations as needed, 24 emergency services, repair of nail pops and seam separations.

    How we can help you add value to your investment

    Our flat roofing maintenance and evaluation plans are put in place to maximize the lifetime of your Minnesota flat roof system and extend your investment.

    If you ever have any questions regarding your commercial roofing system, are looking for a free quote, or just trying to educate yourself on your commercial investment please feel free to call our office at 952.933.4510.
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    Commercial Roof Services

    Stinson Services is proud to be a local contractor that has been in business since 2003. We love Minnesota and everything it has to offer to us. We hope that you feel comfortable contacting us about any remodeling project that you have questions or concerns. We are a license and insured contractor that provides "Projects Built to Last".