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  • Exterior Home Restoration Contractors | Twin Cities

    Stinson Services is a local exterior home restoration contractor that constructs “Projects Built to Last”. We service the entire Twin Cities area with roofing, siding, gutter and attic insulation projects. Our mission is to provide a quality restoration service for residential, commercial and multi-family properties.

    Our core beliefs start with providing you constant communication and valuing your time. Therefore all projects receive best-in-the-industry communication and service, followed up with a quick and accurate quote regarding your project. Our team has been around since 2003 and highly rated among the likes of BBB (A+) and Google Reviews by past clients.

    Exterior Home Restoration Services Available

    Roofing Contractors

    We offer roofing replacement, repairs & maintenance. We are an authority on roof and attic systems in the Twin Cities area. We also install metal, cedar shakes, asphalt and flat roofing membranes. If your property was damaged by a recent hail storm, we provide free storm damage inspections for your rooftop. We also offer emergency roof repairs for leaky roofs that just need a little love. If you have questions concerning your roof give us a call at 952.933.4510.

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    Siding Contractors

    We are experts in installing James Hardie Fiber Cement Board, LP Smartside, wood, vinyl and metal siding materials. We also specialize in the underlayment systems that prevent water corrosion or rot from developing on your foundation. If you have questions regarding your siding project or material of choice please call us at 952.933.4510.

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    Gutter Contractors

    We are professionals in installing 5” and 6” “k-style” seamless gutters for all styles and sizes of properties. Our gutter systems are backed by the Stinson “No-Leak Guarantee”, providing you with a peace-of-mind knowing we’ll be there to make sure your gutters are in great shape. We also offer E-Z lock, Gutter Rx and LeaFree gutter screens to help protect your gutter system from clogging. You’ll be safe on the ground knowing that your gutters are clean and working great.

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    Attic Insulation Contractors

    We specialize in attic insulation and air sealing one and two story homes with non-livable attic space. We Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified making us eligible installers for both the Center Point Energy rebate program and Xcel Energy rebate program providing insulation rebates up to $500 back. Each insulation project is completed with full before and after blower door test to provide quantifiable results for you and the energy company providing the rebate.

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    Window Contractors

    We specialize in storm damage to aluminum windows by providing insurance claim information to the property owners to help you receive a full replacement due to recent storm damage. Our window consultants are trained to spot dimples, dents and deficiencies to your aluminum windows that could cause issues with water and moisture if not remedied. Our window services are strictly tied to hail or storm damage projects allowing us to specialize in our service and keep window install time short and sweet.

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    Work with a professional exterior remodeling contractor in Minneapolis. We specialize in roofing, siding, gutters, windows and attic insulation projects. Guard your investment with professional exterior remodeling services.