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    Minnesota Attic Insulation Contractor Basics

    Stinson Services is an attic insulation contractor in Minneapolis – St. Paul Minnesota and we understand the importance of an effective insulation & ventilation system. The climate in Minnesota plays a large role in heating and cooling our properties. An attic insulation contractor should understand how to properly install your attic system with insulation, air sealing and ventilation giving you a comfortable & healthy home.

    3 Basic Elements for a Healthy Attic:

    (1) Insulation, (2) Attic Ventilation and (3) Attic Air Sealing. These three components of an attic system can greatly decrease your energy usage and increase the level of comfort inside your entire home.

    If you don’t believe us, Energy Star states that the attic is where you can find some of the largest opportunities to save energy in your home.


    Attic Insulation


    Simple Home Insulation Tips:

    1. Adding Insulation to correct levels. Minnesota calls for 17-18 inches of cellulose or fiberglass attic insulation for best performance. This will give you a R-value of 50 that is the recommended thermal resistance for Minnesota homes.

    2. Attic Air Sealing is the most important part and often most forgotten part in your home insulation project. Air sealing prevents small leaks, which add up quickly, from causing moisture problems, heat loss and ice dams problems. Insulation companies should never forget to talk about air sealing when talking about attic insulation.

    3. Attic Ventilation is a very key ingredient to the attic system. The ventilation is comprised of intake and exhaust venting that most be unclogged to work properly. Attic ventilation, when working properly, allows fresh air into your attic system preventing rot, decay and moisture problems from harming your property.

    4. Minnesota Energy Rebates are a helpful way to save up to $650 on your project! There are currently only 30 Minnesota contractors that qualify for the three main insulation and air sealing rebate programs and we’re proud to be one of them.

    attic insulation Minneapolis


    Minnesota Ice Dam Mitigation

    Our talented staff is continually in search of knowledge when it pertains to mitigating ice dams. Our crews use a blower door and infrared guns on projects to ensure the project is completed to the highest standards.

    Ice dams surface from heat loss through ceiling holes which cause the roof deck to melt the snow on top of your house and refreeze into what we can an “Ice Dam”.

    Air sealing the bypasses and creating a ventilation system that allows air to move freely greatly decreases the chances of an ice dam forming on your property!


    Attic Insulation Companies Serving The Twin Cities Metro Area

    Our insulation company prides itself on creating a healthy home that gives back in multiple ways. You’ll notice a more comfortable home with much lower energy bills throughout the year. Stinson Services is a BPI certified installer which works along side all three major energy companies within the Twin Cities. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your future insulation project or energy rebate programs available to you.

    You deserve a BPI certified insulation installer for your property. You'll be eligible for all MN Insulation Rebate programs and experience top-notch service on your insulation project. You'll notice a big improvement in your energy bills and comfort level!