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    Attic Insulation Minneapolis MN


    Are you short on blow in insulation?

    The insulation standard in Minnesota has increased to an R-Value of 50. That is nearly 18-20 inches of blown in insulation.

    So how much insulation do you have in your attic?

    Most homes we measure have a 4-9 inch base of blow in insulation. That is less than half of what the NAIMA calls for in the state of Minnesota.

    Stinson Services, Inc. offers a Free Attic Insulation Consultation. We’ll inspect and measure your home to be retrofitted for new insulation. We’ll also notify you of any Minnesota Energy Rebates available to your home.

    Attic Insulation Recommendations

    Zone 1 = R30 to R49

    Zone 2 & 3 = R30 to R60

    Zone 3, 4, & 5 = R38 to R60

    Zone 6, 7, & 8 = R49 to R60


    Blow In Insulation | Cellulose & Fiberglass

    Blow in insulation provides Minneapolis – St. Paul metro area property owners with many benefits. By following a standardized installation procedure our blown in fiberglass and blow in cellulose insulation projects ensure you receive the maximum return on your insulation investment. Check out our attic insulation calculator to get an idea how much an insulation project can help you!


    MN Blow In Insulation


    Below is our blow in insulation process:

    Attic Air Sealing – This includes all penetrations through the ceiling of your property which is currently allowing conditioned air (heated or cooled) into your attic. Electrical wires, plumbing pipes, furnace pipes, chimneys, bathroom vent fans, kitchen exhaust fans, recessed can lights and any other holes are located and addressed.


    Attic VentilationAttic Ventilation is another major component to your insulation project. Ensuring that vent chutes or air baffles are installed properly in your eaves and wind-washed properly is just as important as adding more insulation.

    Ventilation Assessment – Adequate air flow is essential for Minnesota attics. By calculating the necessary Net Free Air (NFA) we are able to ensure that your property has sufficient intake and exhaust air mechanisms in place. Installing the proper intake and exhaust systems play a major role in mitigating ice dams and large amounts of moisture in attic creating problems during the spring.


    Blown In Fiberglass Insulation – Minnesota attics call for 17″ to 18″ of fiberglass insulation to meet recommended levels of insulation. Stinson Services, Inc. is able to add new fiberglass insulation to your current insulation or remove old insulation to install a brand new attic insulation system.


    Blow In Cellulose Insulation – Minnesota properties often times have an existing base of blown in cellulose insulation already installed. We can add to that cellulose insulation base to achieve the R-49 threshold which amounts to approximately 15 inches of blow in cellulose insulation being installed.


    You deserve a BPI certified insulation installer for your property. You'll be eligible for all MN Insulation Rebate programs and experience top-notch service on your insulation project. You'll notice a big improvement in your energy bills and comfort level!