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  • Minneapolis Snow Removal & Ice Dam Prevention

    Snow Removal & Ice Dam Prevention


    Twin Cities Ice Dam Prevention & Snow Removal Services

    Our winter service offerings provide relief to Minnesota property owners plagued by ice dams. We have been tackling Ice Dam problems for years. Our ice dam prevention teams have worked on some of the worst ice dams mother nature has offered. When our team arrives they come prepared for all situations. We promise your snow and ice dam problems will be taken care of when the job is complete.
    Do You Have Ice Dam Problems?


    Ice Dam Prevention Tips


    Ice dams form on your roof due to insufficient air sealing and attic ventilation.


    Guaranteeing ice dam removal in Minnesota is not possible, but research has shown positive in updating the issues below.

    Attic Air Sealing – Sealing all bypass, recessed lights and fans with proper expanding foam is the most important factor in mitigating ice dams.

    Attic Insulation – Insulating your attic is key for Minnesota homes. Recommend R-value in attics is R50 to R60, which results in 18-24 inches of fiberglass or cellulose insulation.

    Attic Ventilation – Installing ventilation keeps your attic from over heating and causing ice dams to develop. Adding a roof vent or gable vent can go a long way to mitigate ice dam build up. If you’re interested in preventing ice dams from occurring, learn more about our Minnesota Attic Insulation services.

    Snow Removal & Ice Dam Prevention

    Please contact a Stinson Services, Inc. to go over ice dam prevention strategy at 952-933-4510 or sign up online for your Free Estimate!



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