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  • Siding Installation Minneapolis MN | Exterior Siding

    Minneapolis Exterior Siding Experts

    Once you’ve decided on a type of siding, whether it is vinyl or another type, it’s important to know that the quality of the installation job is just as important as choosing a high quality product. By working with SSI, a Professional Minneapolis Siding Contractor, you have selected a well trained, experienced exterior siding contractor. SSI is a VSI Certified Installer contractor that will help ensure your home’s vinyl siding or other type of siding job will look great and perform well for years to come.

    Fiber Cement Board Siding Installation
    Commonly referred to as James Hardie siding or Hardie siding, this is a cement based siding material. This product is extremely durable and allows the siding installers to utilize carpentry skills when installing this type of siding. You can create a custom look that will withstand the elements. This siding is not completely maintenance free!! Many paints offer 20 year warranties when applied to fiber cement siding.

    Vinyl Siding Installation
    Vinyl siding is made from PVC, or polyvinyl chloride. The advantages associated with Vinyl Siding are grand in scope when compared to other siding installations. You will not have to worry about rot, painting, or repairing this siding. When vinyl was first introduced there were problems with cracking, splits, and fading. There have been significant advances in the industry, but some problems still exist. This is not a green material due to the problems that are created when Vinyl Siding is removed – PVC’s release toxins when burned, making this siding not environmentally friendly.

    Steel Siding Installation
    Steel siding is warranted for 50 years. The colors are limited, but the durability is the major benefit of this metal siding installation. EDCO steel siding is manufactured in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. There are many custom components available to make your steel siding installation stand out from the crowd. Steel siding is a “green” material due to the savings in energy consumption as well as the ability to recycle the products when it is removed.

    Wood Clapboard Siding Installation
    A cruise down Summit Ave is St. Paul or any other historic neighborhood and you will discover clapboard siding. These homes were built over a hundred years ago and many of them still look new! When these installations are properly maintained they will last a lifetime. Cedar, pine, spruce, redwood, and Douglas Fir are commonly used woods for clapboard siding and exterior siding projects.

    Exterior Siding Material Comparison Minnesota

    Vinyl Siding

    Applied vertically or horizontally over most wall
    surfaces to create a neat, fresh look and protect
    the exterior surfaces of your home.

    Textured to appear like
    wood or masonry. It can be made to look like a
    variety of finishes, such as cedar boards,
    clapboard, and fish-scale shingles

    Wide range of colors

    Holds up well in the weather

    Doesn’t rot,flake, dent or

    Scratches do not show up
    since the color runs completely through it

    May become brittle in
    freezing conditions, and can crack if it is hit
    sharply when the

    weather is cold

    Solid Wood

    Gives a natural, quality look to your home

    Tongue and groove siding
    can be used to produce smooth, luxurious walls.

    Log siding can give a house the look and feel of
    a real log cabin.

    Western red cedar is known for
    its lasting beauty, and is a traditional
    building material of Pacific Northwest Native
    Americans because of its durable qualities.

    Wood is an expensive, but
    beautiful, choice for siding.

    When properly preserved and protected, lasts for
    many generations.

    Redwood, cedar and cypress
    have natural qualities that protect it from
    insects and mildew. Weathers naturally in mild
    climates for a beautiful finish

    Other woods should be
    preserved by regularly restaining and repainting
    so they don’t crack or split from poor weather,
    and are protected from rot and insects

    Metal Siding

    Made of steel or aluminum.


    Available in a broad range
    of colors.

    Deeper and brighter colors are
    available in metal siding than can be found in
    vinyl siding.


    Comes in a variety of
    textures, including wood look-alikes.

    Dent- and wind-resistant and needs very little
    maintenance. Shows scratches when they are deep
    enough to go through  the color coat

    Paint may oxidize, become
    chalky, and require repainting

    If damage occurs,
    individual panels can be removed and replaced

    Fiber Cement Siding

    Made of cement, wood fibers and sand.


    Very durable.


    Available in a variety of
    colors and styles.

    Resistant to termites, rotting and fire

    Good choice for homes near
    the ocean since it holds up well in salt air and
    winds and in hot, humid climates

    Requires painting, but the
    paint usually lasts for a long time

    May be difficult to repair

    Engineered Wood
    and Hardboard Siding

    Made of small pieces of wood bonded together with resins.


    Available in lap and vertical siding


    Easy to install.


    Hardboard is made of
    pressed wood fibers and is knot- and grain-free.


    Painted to the color of your choosing.


    Available in bare, primed
    or finished form.

    Chemically treated with insecticides and fungus
    repellents and stand up well to moisture, mildew
    and termites

    Weather resistant; can
    tolerate bad weather, harsh sun, as well as
    abrasion and chemicals

    Resistant to splitting and
    cracking and holds up well under strong wind or

    Brick and Stone Look-alikes

    Adhere thin-brick and manufactured stone product to the exterior walls for an appearance of brick or stonework without the maintenance hassles or the expense.


    Veneers are placed onto
    walls using mastic or mortar.


    May be applied over most
    existing siding material.


    Provide great insulation for your home as well as protective covering for the exterior.

    Real brick and stone require occasional masonry
    work for maintenance, including tuck-pointing

    Veneers require relatively
    little maintenance in comparison. They are very
    durable and stand up to rot. They weather well,
    and don’t require painting

    Bricks can develop
    efflorescence, a white powder, that needs to be

    Cracked or crumbling brick
    or mortar can be easily repaired

    Stucco/Synthetic Stucco

    Applied onto walls in three coats. The final coat is tinted or painted to add color.


    Variety of textures, including raked, smooth or swirled. An extra rough finish can be achieved by adding sand or pebbles into the mix


    Synthetic stucco, also called Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems (EIFS), is made from foam plastic insulation and synthetic coating.


    Made with
    epoxy creating a resilient finish that resists

    If small cracks do appear
    they can be fixed by replastering

    Synthetic stuccos have been
    known to cause severe water damage to the
    interior structure of a home. “Water-managed”
    synthetic stuccos help to solve this problem

    If you paint over stucco,
    it will need to be re-painted at some point

    Synthetic stucco won’t
    crack and is practically maintenance-free

    Work with a professional exterior remodeling contractor in Minneapolis. We are a Minnesota siding contractor that specializes in exterior siding installations and repairs for vinyl siding, steel siding, James Hardie fiber cement siding, cedar siding and more.