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  • Hail Damage Repairs Minnesota

    Hail Damage May 26th 2012

    Minnesota receives moderate hail damage every year according to the Insurance Research Council. We handle all types of hail damage insurance claims. Shingle hail damage, siding hail damage and gutter hail damage are all common attributes of Minnesota hail storms.

    Hail Damage Restoration Minnesota

    Hail damage in Minnesota has caused extensive damage to roofing, siding, gutters, decks, windows, doors, and mechanical units. The average hail storm takes 10 years of life off your roof as well as voids all Manufacturer’s Warranties and lowers the re-sale value of your property. Your homeowners insurance covers storm damage claims with no consequences to you since they are “Acts of God.” We specialize in assessing hail damage to these components of your property.


    Hail Damage Claims MN


    Repair Hail Damaged Roofs and Siding

    Hail is formed when frozen water drops are lifted in turbulent wind regimes during thunderstorms. As the frozen water drops increase in size, they eventually fall to the earth as hail having been driven by a combination of gravity and wind forces. Hail stones vary in size from golf ball size (1 inch diameter) to pea size (1/4 inch diameter). Marble size hail (3/4 inch in diameter) typically produces damages to roofing and siding materials.

    View pictures and diagrams of hail damage to roofs and siding.

    We are a HAGG Certified Hail & Storm Damage professional that can be an advocate for your insurance claim needs. We offer free property inspections and have help thousands of homeowners with their insurance claim projects..