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    Minneapolis Hail Damage Repairs

    Minneapolis Minnesota Hail Damage Claim Experts

    By law you have two (2) years to file hail or wind damage insurance claims. We have worked with many different insurance companies over the years and we take pride in representing property owners during the hail damage insurance claim process. Being able to understand the claims process can be difficult and confusing. With busy lives and the sudden inconvenience of having to restore your property, this can often frustrate property owners.

    Storm Damage Restoration


    Minnesota Hail Damage Headaches

    Consider spending your summer vacations trying to obtain estimates for roofing, siding, gutter and in some cases, window repair or replacement, garage door replacement, interior repairs due to leaks, and interior and exterior painting. Three or more of these jobs can add up to a lot of time being spent entertaining sales reps and less time being spent on actual repairs. Lets not forget to mention the time you took away from your hectic schedule in order to meet sales reps that ended up not calling or showing up.

    Minnesota Hail Damage FAQ

    After you receive your estimates, you should compare them to what your insurance company has calculated. How do you know if the settlement is enough to cover all the repair costs? How will you know if the estimates you received from contractors will match up to what your insurance company has allocated for you?

    For more hail and storm damage FAQ visit our Minnesota Storm Damage Repairs FAQ page.

    We are a HAGG Certified Hail & Storm Damage professional that can be an advocate for your insurance claim needs. We offer free property inspections and have help thousands of homeowners with their insurance claim projects..