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    Hail Damage Plymouth MN | Insurance Claim Experts

    Our certified inspectors have been trained to identify hail, wind, and all other storm damage on your property. If you live in Plymouth, your home was most likely hit by the June 29, 2015 Hail Storm. If you haven’t had a free damage inspection completed, please call us – 952-933-4510.

    Free Storm Inspection

    We’re HAAG certified storm inspectors that have been taught how to inspect your roof, siding, windows, gutters and more. If you’re interested in seeing where the hail storm feel, use our free Minnesota Hail Map. You’ll get an idea of where the most recent hail storms fell and how big the hail stones were!

    Hail Damage Plymouth | Repairs & Inspections

    Plymouth received a significant amount of hail, according to the Insurance Research Council. Hailstorms can cause extensive damage to your siding, roofing, gutters, windows, and mechanical units.

    However, homeowners insurance policies cover storm and hail damage because it’s considered an “Act of God.” This means repairs and replacements are covered by the insurance company with a payment of your insurance deductible. You’ll work alongside Stinson Services and your insurance company to make sure all repairs and replacements are made on your property.


    Identify Hail Damage Plymouth MN

    Hail damage can be found on many areas of your home, and only a trained eye can truly confirm if the damage was caused by hail. If you find signs of hail damage, contact Stinson Services, Inc. at 952-933-4510 to have a certified inspector sent out to your property. We can identify hail damage and help inform you about the insurance claims process.

    Here’s our short blog on finding hail damage on your roof without going to the top! Hail Damaged Roof? 4 Places to look.

    We are a HAGG Certified Hail & Storm Damage professional that can be an advocate for your insurance claim needs. We offer free property inspections and have help thousands of homeowners with their insurance claim projects..