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  • Storm Damages Minneapolis, MN

    Minneapolis Storm Damage Repairs

    Minnesota Exterior Contractors

    There are many risks associated with different restoration companies. There is a direct relationship of low bids and high risk company’s and a reason that 4 out of 5 small construction companies fail in the first five years of business.

    Typical reasons for failure include:

    1. The company is a “one man band” who works out of his truck, has “no overhead”, and likely no ability to warrant the work if something goes wrong, if you are able to find them again.

    2. The company is desperate to get some quick jobs because they are in financial trouble and need some cash flow to pay the bills on the last 3 jobs that were completed a month ago or in many cases never completed.

    3. The work is being sold and completed by an out of town company that is paying a small local contractor a fee to operate under their name and license until the easy work is completed and then they leave town. Usually leaving the local contractor exposed beyond their ability to warrant those jobs and clean up their messes.

    Storm Damage Restoration


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    When you have experienced storm damages in Minneapolis, choose a local roofing, siding, gutters and windows you can trust to guide you through the complex insurance claims restoration process. We have completed hundreds of successful insurance storm damage repairs projects. Insurance companies hire professionals to represent them during the claims process, you should too. Our contractor certifications exhibit the pride we take in successfully completing construction projects of all shapes and sizes.

    Please contact us for a full list of clients we have worked for in the past. To view how we stack up against the competition check out our Minnesota exterior contractor comparison chart.

    Certified hail damage inspections and insurance claim restoration services provided by Stinson Services, Inc. You'll receive a free property inspection and advice on repairs and replacements for damaged areas. We work along side you and your insurance company to ensure your home is taken care of in the best manner.