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    It’s that time of year when the snow is melting from the rooftops. Homeowners are fixing up their homes and making arrangements for future home remodeling projects. If this is you, look no further. This month we’re offering a free upgraded warranty on Owens Corning roofing projects to homeowners interested in increasing their property’s value.

    If you’re looking for a professional Minnesota contractor that can guide you through your next roofing project, save you money, and offer you free upgrade on your biggest investment, then SSI is your choice.

    We’re a Preferred Contractor of Owens Corning, allowing us to upgrade your warranty for FREE!

    Minneapolis roofing coupons


    Stinson Services Roofing Warranty Upgrade!


    Upgraded Warranty Highlights: (Free Upgrade Through April!)

    – 10 year of workmanship coverage. (100% material and labor)
    – 40 additional years of material coverage. (100% material and labor)
    – One-time transfer, a great investment if you sell your property.
    – $500 value, free with Stinson Services, Inc.
    – High quality & great selection of Owens Corning products.


    Sign up for a Free Roofing Consultation Today and save!

    (Hail Damage to your roof? It’s a great time to find out. Click our Hail Damage MN Map to see if your home’s been hit by a storm. If so, your insurance may cover the expenses of your roof replacement project.)




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    Born and raised in Northern MN. Worked in the construction field for over 5 years now and back at it with Stinson Services, Inc. Son of a home remodeling contractor.
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